Good Morning New Mexico, I'm Frank Haley with news on KKIM am 1000  New Mexico's Christian Heritage Station for Friday April 18, 2014.

Mild weather will continue today:

Albuquerque                              High  80
Santa Fe                           High  70
Edgewood/Moriarity                High  72
Belen/Los Lunas                    High  80

Now the news:  

>>Christians Mark Good Friday In Remembrance Of Christ's Crucifixion

(Undated)  --  Christians from all around the world are gathering today to mark Good Friday..    And now,   Google is offering a street-level view of the path   Jesus Christ followed through Jerusalem as he carried his cross to the hill where he was crucified.   ...   Google's Street View technology tracks the Via Dolorosa [[ VEE-a DOH-lu-ROH-suh ]], or Way of Sorrows through Jerusalem's Old City.  It also provides an opportunity to see the Church of the Holy Sepulchre [[ SEHP-ul-kur ]], visit the Western Wall, and the Mount of Olives where Jesus preached the biblical Sermon on the Mount.  The tour is available at Google Maps.

>12 Dead In Everest Avalanche

(Kathmandu)  --  A terrifying scene at the top of the world.  At least a dozen Sherpa guides are dead after an avalanche plowed down a slope of Mount Everest.   Three mountaineering guides were also hurt today and up to five people are missing.    This marks the first major avalanche of the Everest climbing season and the deadliest in 8 years.

>>Kansas City  Police Have Highway Shooting Suspect

(Grandview, MO)  --  A man suspected of a dozen shootings on roads and highways in the Kansas City area is in jail this morning.   ...  Police aren't saying much, other than they've arrested a man.  Three people were injured in the shootings that began in the Kansas City area in early March.

>>Officials Release Report On University hosp Helicopter Crash

(Albuquerque, NM)  --  Mechanical issues is what caused a helicopter to go down on the   roof of University Hosp  last week.   ..    The  three people  on board suffered only minor injuries.  Damages to the roof have been repaired, however, the pediatric unit below the crash spot isn't expected to open for a couple days.

>>Gregg Hull Becomes Rio Rancho Mayor

(Rio Rancho, NM)  --  There's a new mayor in Rio Rancho. ...   Mayor Greg Hull says his first move is to meet with leaders to see what direction the city should take.  He is taking over for Tom Swisstack, who has held the position for six years.   

>>Missing ABQ Teen Found safe  In Arkansas

(Albuquerque, NM)  --  A 14-year-old Albuquerque teen is back home with her parents.   ...   Lacey DeWent was found yesterday after disappearing nearly two weeks ago.  Her father says  she was in Arkansas with her 26-year-old boyfriend, Robert Butler, whom she met "online".  Butler has been arrested.

>>DOJ Wants your  Input  

Albuquerque, NM)  --  The U.S. Department of Justice is seeking your  input regarding changes at the Albuquerque Police Department.    ...   DOJ inspectors say a pattern of excessive force by officers was found.  You can offer your opinion by calling 877-218-5228.

>>Heartbreak And Desperation In South Korea

(Undated)  --  Rescue crews continue desperately searching for anyone still alive in the ferry that capsized off the coast of South Korea.    ...   Divers have entered the ship's hull and air has been pumped inside the capsized ferry, but they've found no signs of life.  The number of missing remains right around 270, with more than two dozen confirmed deaths.  Nearly 180 people have been rescued alive.  

>>Hobby store Michaels Reports credit/debit  Card Security Breach

(Undated)  --  Arts and crafts supply chain Michaels is reporting a security breach involving more than two and a half million credit and debit cards.    ...   The chain also says    400-thousand payment cards may have been breached by sophisticated malware.   

>>Wisconsin Restricts Parents From Giving Up Adopted Kids

(Madison, WI)  --  Wisconsin is now the first state with a law barring parents from giving away their "adopted"  children.   ...   The law   prohibits adoptive parents from finding new homes for adopted children without court permission.  The unregulated practice called "re-homing" describes adoptive parents using underground networks to find new families for kids they no longer want.  Hundreds of parents in Wisconsin were caught using social media sites to give away their adopted kids to strangers, including   predators and pedophiles.  


>>Rob Ford Launches Toronto Mayor Re-election Campaign

(Toronto)  --  Several high-profile scandals aren't keeping Toronto Mayor Rob Ford from seeking re-election.   ...    Ford launched his campaign Thursday night by thanking his supporters for sticking by him during what he called "rocky moments over the past year."  Those rocky times   included Ford's admitted use of crack cocaine, his   ties to gang members and embarrassing videos on You Tube.  But half of the nearly 300 tables set up for the event were empty.  The latest poll puts Ford in second place among the three candidates running for mayor of Canada's largest city.

The New York International Auto Show opens today.    ..   More than one-thousand vehicles and new technologies will be on display for car buffs.  They'll be able to see dozens of brand new debuts, sneak peeks and concept vehicles.   

>>New Exam Coming To New Mexico Schools

(Albuquerque, NM)  --  Online exams are replacing standard tests for some New Mexican students.  The new PARCC exam will be given at ten schools after spring break.  PARCC or Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers replaces pen and pencil tests for reading, writing, and math.

>>Contamination Site Found At WIPP

(Carlsbad. NM)  --  Crews at a waste isolation plant in Carlsbad are working to plug a radioactive leak.  Manager Tammy Reynolds said yesterday the contamination site was discovered in a storage unit.  The next task is to locate the source of the leak.

>>CSI Aviation Tops For Veterans

(Albuquerque, NM)  --  CSI Aviation in Albuquerque is ranked high for hiring veterans.  The company is among the top Best for Vets as rated by "Military Times."  CEO Allen Weh said, quote, "Hiring military servicemen and women is intentional and part of our corporate culture."

>>Hungry People Fed By APD Officer

(Albuquerque, NM)  --  An Albuquerque policeman is feeding people at a shelter.  A group was helpless and hungry yesterday when Noon Day Ministries closed after a power loss.  Officer Tamas Nadas used his own money to buy food at a McDonald's and fed around 20 people at the facility.

>Pope Francis Observes Maundy Thursday

(Rome)  --  Pope Francis is washing the feet of twelve people, including a woman and a Muslim man.  The Holy Week ritual took place yesterday at a home for the elderly and disabled in Rome.  The Pope made headlines last year when he washed the feet of several women at a youth detention center.  The Pope is continuing the tradition of Maundy [[ mahn-day ]] Thursday, the Thursday before Easter, which marks the day that Christians believe Jesus had his Last Supper with his apostles.  Jesus washed the feet of all 12 of his apostles before the traditional Passover meal, then commanded them to "Love one another as I loved you."  The tradition of having the Pontiff wash the feet of members of the faith or other priests dates back more than one-thousand years.

>>TX Church Creates Huge Portrait Of Jesus In Parking Lot

(Grapevine, TX)  --  A North Texas church is hoping to raise awareness about Easter with a huge chalk portrait of Jesus.  Fellowship Church in Grapevine created the 17-thousand-square-foot picture of Christ's face in its parking lot this week.  Church members say the portrait is a display of their savior and that Easter is about a risen king.  The chalk portrait is so large it's believed it can be seen by some flights arriving and departing from nearby DFW Airport.

>>British Prisoner Claims Persecution For Jedi Faith

(London, England)  --  A British prisoner is claiming he's being persecuted for his Jedi faith.  The unidentified HMP Isis prisoner sent a letter to "Inside Time" saying the National Offender Management Service refused to recognize his beliefs, even though Jedi was officially recognized in the last census.  The letter also says Jedi's have been given a negative reputation in the media following the battle of Yavin, when "Luke Skywalker and a group of left-wing militants targeted the Death Star in a terrorist attack, killing thousands of civilian personnel."  The letter also asked for the prisoner's name to be withheld for fear of retaliation from the Dark Side.  Around 175-thousand people claimed to be Jedi in the 2011 UK census.  "Inside Time" bills itself as "The National Newspaper for Prisoners & Detainees."

>>Kerry Disgusted By Anti-Semitic Actions In Eastern Ukraine

(Geneva)  --  Secretary of State John Kerry is disgusted by pamphlets calling on Jewish people in eastern Ukraine to register with authorities there.  Speaking in Geneva, Kerry called it grotesque.  He insisted that extremism, racism and religious intimidation will not be tolerated.  Meantime, Kerry and his Russian counterpart hammered out a general agreement aimed at reducing tensions in eastern Ukraine.  Kerry said additional sanctions will be imposed on Russia if tensions continue to rise.  The U.S. has accused Moscow of stirring up trouble in eastern Ukraine following Russia's annexation of Crimea [[ cry-ME-ah ]].    

>>Today In Religious History

1521 - Martin Luther says "Here I stand!" during the Diet of Worms in front of Emperor Charles the Fifth.

1587 - "Book of Martyrs" author John Foxe dies.

1606 - Pope Julius the Second puts down the foundation stone for the second building of St. Peter's Basilica.

1784 - Thomas Charles is kicked out of the Church of England for supporting the Methodists.

For: Friday, April 18, 2014

>>Today In History

On this day:

In 1775, Paul Revere made his famous ride from Boston to Concord In Massachusetts to warn citizens of the approachIng British army.

In 1846, the telegraph ticker was patented by R-E House In New York.

In 1906, the Great San Francisco Earthquake hit northern California. More than 700 people died as a result of the quake.

In 1910, Walter BrookIns made the first airplane flight at night.

In 1923, the New York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox, four-to-one, In the first game played In Yankee Stadium. Babe Ruth clubbed a three-run home run to christen "The House That Ruth Built."

In 1924, Simon and Schuster published the first "Crossword Puzzle Book."

In 1942, the first World War Two edition of "The Stars and Stripes" was published for U.S. troops In Northern Ireland.

In 1945, World War Two war correspondent Ernie Pyle was killed by Japanese gunfire near the island of OkInawa.  He was 44-years-old.

In 1955, Nobel Prize-wInnIng physicist Albert EInsteIn died at the age of 76.

In 1956, actress Grace Kelly and PrInce RaInier of Monaco were married In a civil ceremony.

In 1957, comedian Johnny Carson debuted In a television actIng role on the "Playhouse 90" presentation of "Three Men on a Horse." Five years later he became the host of NBC's "Tonight Show."

In 1960, the 3-M Company purchased the Mutual BroadcastIng System for one-poInt-two-five million dollars.

In 1977, author Alex Haley was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for "Roots."

In 1981, pitcher Tom Seaver of the CIncInnati Reds reached three-thousand career strikeouts.

In 1984, Michael Jackson underwent scalp surgery to repair damage done when his hair caught fire durIng the filmIng of a Pepsi commercial.

In 1985, Liberace grossed more than two-million dollars In ticket sales for a concert at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

In 1987, Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Mike Schmidt belted his 500th career home run In an eight-to-six wIn over the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In 1990, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states may make it a crime to possess or look at child pornography, even In one's home.

In 1992, an eleven-year-old Florida boy sued to divorce his natural parents and remaIn with his foster parents. He eventually won the suit.

In 1994, actress Roseanne Arnold filed for divorce from actor Tom Arnold.

In 1994, former President Nixon suffered a stroke at his home In New Jersey.  He died four days later.

In 1995, quarterback Joe Montana retired from the National Football League with four Super Bowl rIngs.

In 1999, hockey legend Wayne Gretzky retired from the National Hockey League. He set more than 60 league records durIng his 20-year career, IncludIng most poInts, most goals and most assists. He also won four Stanley Cups.

In 2000, "Men Strike Back," the male answer to VH1's Diva concert took place at the Theater at New York City's Madison Square Garden.  The concert featured performances by StIng, the Backstreet Boys, Tom Jones, D'Angelo, Enrique Iglesias, Sisqo and ChristIna Aguilera  --  the lone female representative.

In 2001, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant married Vanessa LaIne.

In 2005, 115 Roman Catholic cardInals from 52 countries sequestered themselves In the Vatican to begIn the task of selectIng the man to succeed Pope John Paul the Second as head of the church.  The first day of the papal conclave ended with black smoke risIng from the SistIne Chapel's chimney signalIng that a decision had not been made.

In 2005, CatherIne Ndereba (dur-RAY-ba) of Kenya made history by wInnIng her fourth Boston Marathon.  She completed the race In two hours, 25 mInutes and 13 seconds for her second straight title.  Hailu Negussie (HI-loo Neh-GOOS-ee) of Ethiopia captured the men's title with a time of two hours, eleven mInutes and 45 seconds.  He became the first Ethiopian to wIn the men's crown sInce 1989.

In 2005, six-time Tour de France wInner Lance Armstrong announced the would compete In one more Tour de France, seekIng his seventh consecutive victory, and then retire.

In 2006, endIng anxiety over one of the most anticipated celebrity baby births, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcomed their daughter Suri Into the world.  The baby came about a year after the 43-year-old Cruise and the 27-year-old Holmes began a worldwInd romance.  She also arrived on the same day that actress Brooke Shields gave birth to her second daughter.  Several months earlier, Cruise had publicly criticized Shields for takIng anti-depressants followIng the birth of her first child.

In 2008, Pope Benedict became the first Pope to visit an American Jewish house of worship with his visit to the Park East Synagogue In New York.  DurIng his visit, the Pope thanked Jewish leaders for their contribution In the community and offered Passover greetIngs.

In 2012, entertaInment mogul and television icon Dick Clark passed away after sufferIng what his publicist described as a "massive" heart attack.  The "American Bandstand" and "Dick Clark's RockIn' New Year's Eve" host was 82.

That's the news  on KKIM,  am 1000   New Mexico's Christian Heritage station.       
I'm Frank Haley   cjf,  for God's Glory Alone!!  

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