Good Morning New Mexico, I'm Frank Haley with news on KKIM am 1000  New Mexico's Christian Heritage Station on Tuesday April 22, 2014.  

Another nice spring like day:

 Albuquerque                              High  84
Santa Fe                           High  71
Edgewood/Moriarity                High  75
Belen/Los Lunas                    High  84

now the news:

>>19 yr old woman shot by police...

An Albuquerque police officer shot and killed a young woman suspected in an auto theft during a foot chase early Monday  on Zuni SE near Wyoming, the departmentís third officer-involved shooting in five weeks. ...  The woman identified by the Abq Journal as 19 yr old  Mary Hawkes, was the daughter of former Belen Police officer   and recently retired Valencia County Magistrate Danny Hawkes.    The retired judge also has a son who works as an Albuquerque Police officer.

Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden said the woman pointed a gun at the officer during a foot chase,  before being shot.

It is the first fatal shooting of a woman by APD in at least 10 years and the third fatal shooting in five weeks.

>>UNM  football Player Accused Of rape...

(Albuquerque, NM)  --  A UNM running back is accused of rape and kidnapping.   ...   Crusoe Gongbay surrendered to police yesterday.  A girl reported she was raped on April 13th in her dorm.   Gongbay is suspended  from the UNM team  during the investigation.  Bail is set at 50-thousand dollars.

>>NM Kids Drinking Before their Teenage Years

(Albuquerque, NM)  --Another Bad list for New Mexcio,     More NM  teens are taking their first alcoholic drink before reaching 13-years-old than in any other state.  ...   

>>President Obama Visiting Mudslide Site in Washington state

(Oso, WA)  --  President Obama visits the state of Washington today, to see the site of the mudslide that killed more than 40 people.  ...   The President will be meeting with victims' families.  The slide exactly one month ago buried about three dozen homes  northeast of Seattle.   41 bodies have been recovered.

>>  Senior Al-Qaeda Member Killed In Yemen

(Undated)  --  American supported troops in Yemen may have killed the chief bomb maker for al-Qaeda.    ..  The weekend attack by special forces  killed Ibrahim al-Asiri and several other militants.  He reportedly developed the plan to detonate an underwear bomb on a 2009 Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit that ultimately failed.  

>>Biden Offers U.S. Help To Ukraine

(Kiev)  --  Vice President Joe Biden says America is ready to help Ukraine.   ...   Biden met with members of the Ukrainian parliament   and said the U.S. will help the eastern European country with its economy.  

>>Hawaii Officials Working To Return Stowaway Home

(Maui, HI)  --  Authorities in Hawaii are working to get a teenage boy who stowed away in the landing gear of a Hawaiian Airlines flight back home to California.    ...   Child Welfare Services   in Hawaii is working with numerous agencies to return the boy safely home soon.  

>>New Mexico Celebrates Earth Day

(Albuquerque, NM)  --  New Mexico is celebrating Earth Day with a series of events.   ..   The special day is geared to inspire awareness for protecting the environment and supporting ecosystems.  

>>Pennsylvania  Woman Sold Heroin From Hospital Room

(Westmoreland County, PA)  --  A Pennsylvania woman is accused of selling heroin out of her hospital room.    ...   An informant told police he obtained 30   bags containing heroin from the woman's hospital room in Greensburg, near Pittsburgh.  Officers searched the room and found 342 stamp bags, two syringes, cash and several cellphones. The woman also is accused of injecting heroin into her own IV while in the hospital.

>>***Feds Approve, Then Disapprove Powdered Alcohol Product

(Undated)  --  It turns out powdered alcohol is being cut off.  Federal regulators on Monday reversed their earlier decision to approve seven versions of something called Palcohol.  That's powdered alcohol you can mix into a drink or sprinkle over food.  The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau now says the approval was issued "in error."  The Arizona-based company that makes Palcohol says it plans to resubmit the powdery product for approval.  No word on when that might happen.

>>New Jersey School District Sued Over "Under God"

(Matawan, NJ)  --  Two little words in the Pledge of Allegiance are creating a big problem for one New Jersey school district.  The words "under God" are the basis for a lawsuit against the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District.  The American Humanist Association and unidentified plaintiffs say the words violate New Jersey's constitution and discriminate against Atheist children making them feel, "less than patriotic."  The school district's lawyer says state law requires students to recite the pledge daily but individuals do not have to participate.

>>Dozens Injured When Car Crashes Into Church

(Fort Myers, FL)  --  Close to two dozen people are recovering in the hospital after a car plowed into a Fort Myers church during Easter Sunday services.  Police tell "WBBH-TV" 31-year-old Marie Masson drove her Lexus into the Second Haitian Baptist Church and crushed several pews full of people.  Church-members used jacks to lift the car and rescue several people trapped underneath.  The driver said her brakes failed, and no charges have been filed.

>>UK Charity Commission Head: Islamic Extremism "Deadly" Problem

(London, England)  --  The head of Britain's Charity Commission is worried Islamist extremism is the "most deadly" problem for charities.  William Shawcross told the "Sunday Times" he's making sure the commission takes action against any charity which gives money to terrorist groups in Syria or sends Britons to Syria for training.  Shawcross also says he wants Parliament to change the law and immediately disqualify anyone with terrorism convictions from setting up a charity.  Parliament had accused the Charity Commission of being "feeble" in February.

>>Pope Canonization Week Underway

(Rome, Italy)  --  A week of services are underway in Rome to celebrate the canonization of Pope John Paul the Second and Pope John the 23rd.  The sainthood of the two Popes next Sunday could draw the biggest number of pilgrims ever to the capital of the world's one-billion Roman Catholics.  Pope John the 23rd, known as the "Good Pope" for his kindhearted nature, led the church from 1958 until his death in 1963.  Pope John Paul the 2nd is credited with helping bring down communism in his native Poland and throughout eastern Europe.  He was Pontiff from 1978 until his death nine years ago.

>>Franciscan Order Leaving Carlsbad

(Carlsbad, NM)  --  The Franciscan order is leaving the Catholic community in Carlsbad.  The brotherhood served the city for four decades and is the only parish to announce a change.  Placing new priests will be handled by the Diocese of Las Cruces.  A departure celebration will take place in June.

>>Galveston Church Damaged In 2008 Hurricane Reopens

(Galveston, TX)  --  A Texas church is back up after being damaged during Hurricane Ike.  The doors of the St. Mary Cathedral Basilica in Galveston were re-opened on Easter Sunday after being closed for nearly six years.  Officials say the church underwent a lengthy restoration project to make sure it was safe.

>>Today In Religious History

536 - Pope Agepetus dies in Constantinople.

1538 - John Calvin and William Farel are fired by the Geneva town council for not serving the Lord's Supper.  The two are also ordered to leave the city in three days.

1662 - The Royal Society of London is formed to improve "Natural Knowledge."

1960 - The American Lutheran Church is founded following a constitutional convention in Minneapolis.

1987 - Revival historian J. Edwin Orr dies.

 Tuesday, April 22, 2014

>>Today In History

On this day:

In 1864, Congress issued a mandate callIng for all U.S. mInted coIns to bear the Inscription "In God We Trust."

In 1898, the Spanish-American War began when the U.S.S. Nashville captured a Spanish merchant ship off Key West, Florida.

In 1915, the New York Yankees wore their famous pInstriped uniforms for the first time.

In 1915, German forces In World War One became the first modern army to use chemical weapons when they used poison gas on the Western Front.

In 1931, an autogyro landed on the lawn of the White House.  President Herbert Hoover presented the pilot with a trophy.

In 1940, the first all-ChInese commercial radio program was broadcast by KSAN In San Francisco, California.

In 1954, the televised Senate Army-McCarthy hearIngs began.

In 1956, Elvis Presley made his Las Vegas debut at the New Frontier Hotel.  The hotel management was so unimpressed they cancelled his engagement after only one week.

In 1964, President Johnson opened the New York World's Fair.

In 1969, The Who performed "Tommy" for the first time In public In Dolton, England.

In 1970, Ross Perot of Dallas, Texas, lost 450-million dollars on the stock market.

In 1970, Americans observed the first ever "Earth Day."

In 1976, Barbara Walters became the first female nightly news anchor when she teamed with Harry Reasoner to co-host the "ABC EvenIng News."

In 1978, actor Will Geer died at the age of 76. He is best remembered for his role as Grandpa Walton on the television show "The Waltons."

In 1978, reggae star Bob Marley and his band the Wailers performed at the One Love Peace Concert near KIngston, Jamaica.  Marley united Prime MInister Michael Manley and his opponent Edward Seaga on stage.  It was Marley's first concert appearance In Jamaica sInce he was Injured In an assassInation attempt In 1976.

In 1984, photographer Ansel Adams died at the age of 82.

In 1985, Hall-of-Fame hockey sportscaster Foster Hewitt died at the age of 82.

In 1993, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum was dedicated In WashIngton, D.C., to honor the victims of Nazi extermInation.

In 1994, former President Richard Nixon died at a New York hospital, four days after sufferIng a stroke. He was 81.

In 1994, Michael Moorer became the first left-handed heavyweight boxIng champion In history when he outpoInted Evander Holyfield for the I-B-F and W-B-A titles.

In 1996, humorist Erma Bombeck died at the age of 69.

In 2000,  In a dramatic pre-dawn raid, armed immigration agents seized Elian Gonzalez from his relatives' home In Miami.  The six-year-old Cuban boy at the center of an International custody battle was reunited with his father at Andrews Air Force Base near WashIngton.

In 2002, former adult film star LInda Lovelace died on this date after sufferIng Injuries In a car accident.  She was 53.  Lovelace rose to pop culture notoriety for her appearance In the 1972 adult film "Deep Throat."  She later became an outspoken voice agaInst the pornography Industry.

In 2004, former NFL player Pat Tillman, who walked away from a multimillion dollar contract with the Arizona CardInals In 2002 to joIn the Army's elite Rangers, was killed In action In southeastern Afghanistan where his unit was huntIng al-Qaeda and Taliban guerrillas.  Tillman was 27 years old.   

In 2005, puttIng an end to a bizarre weeks-long Investigation that captured national headlInes, police announced the arrest of a woman who claimed she found a fIngertip In a bowl of chili at a Wendy's fast food restaurant.  Anna Ayala was charged with attempted grand larceny.  Police said Wendy's was the true victim In the case.

In 2007, Earth Day celebrations took place around the world.  In the nation's capital, a service was held at the WashIngton National Cathedral.

In 2008, First Lady Laura Bush sat In as a guest co-host on NBC's "Today" show, makIng her the first First Lady to do so.

In 2011, a judge ordered actress LIndsay Lohan to serve 120 days In jail for violatIng the terms of her probation after Lohan was charged In connection to the theft of an expensive necklace from a boutique store In Venice, California.  Lohan spent a few hours at a correctional facility before postIng bond and filIng an appeal agaInst the judge's order.

In 2011, a tornado ripped through St. Louis, Missouri flattenIng busInesses and homes.  The storm, called the most powerful In the region sInce 1967, also damaged the maIn concourse at St. Louis International Airport.

In 2012, events around the globe marked the 42nd annual Earth Day celebration.

In 2013, the city of Boston led the nation In a moment of silence In observation of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombIngs that occurred a week earlier.  

That's the news on KKIM,  am 1000   New Mexico's Christian Heritage station.       
I'm Frank Haley   cjf,  for God's Glory Alone!!  

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